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Meet The Mama Behind Mamas Herbal Remedies

I feel like an introduction is needed since I’ve grown quite a following on here as well as TikTok (22k followers! ). Hi my name is Sara. I’m a wife of 10 years to an amazing Man and a homeschooling Mom to 5 beautiful earth-side babies and 1 in heave. I believe God created the earth and everything in it to heal and support us. I’ve learned about herbalism over the years from learning that western medicine isn’t the jam and I dream of getting certified one day. I spend most of my days learning more about how to heal my and my families bodies with nature and I also have a passion to teaching others what I know. Which is why this store came about. I went viral over on TikTok because of my passion to help others, and while I do dedicate much of my content to make easy to follow videos on how to make your own medicine, I was approached and asked by thousands to sell them some of my own stock. So here I am, sharing the knowledge and also sharing my pantry! I pray that I can shine a light in each life that comes across my page and that you can feel the love here. There’s enough hate and darkness in the world, this will not be a place for it. I teach how to make make most of what's on my website over on TikTok! Follow me there!

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